AC repair underway at Government Building

FLORENCE – Temperatures inside the Florence-Lauderdale Government Building have hovered into the 90s at times, thanks to a broken air-conditioning system. However, the system could be repaired by the time workers come in Tuesday morning.
Mayor Steve Holt said the issue has plagued the building since July and even earlier.
It reached the point that many workers are working virtually from their home, having transferred their office phone calls to their cellphones or home phones temporarily.
Holt said his office has reached 91 degrees.
A crane arrived late last week to bring the units to the ground and workers have been repairing the system in hopes of having it completed perhaps by Tuesday morning.
The city occupies the even-numbered floors and county occupies the odd-numbered floors of the six-story Court Street building, Holt said. They are splitting the cost of the nearly $344,000 project.