Florence woman says nurses at urgent care clinic disrespected her, mocking her name during visit

Florence woman says nurses at urgent care clinic disrespected her, mocking her name during visit

July 20, 2021

by: Jeremy Jackson

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FLORENCE, Ala. — A Florence lady said she went to Instruct Med Pressing Care Heart for back misfortune nonetheless left with emotional misfortune after she said the nursing workers overtly disrespected her all over a focus on over with on July 1.

“I generally plug to Instruct Med; I’ve never had a local there until, indubitably, this incident,” MaCara Woods said. “I went in there and the workers was once very low, to commence up with.”

As soon as inner an exam room, Woods said a nurse stepped out momentarily, leaving the door open. Woods added she and her mother, who was once with her for the debate over with, began to overhear the workers looking out to enlighten her name—nonetheless in a joking manner.

“We lawful heard laughter,” Woods said. “They were going over my bureaucracy and I heard, ‘Oh, what’s her name? Is it mocka-rock? Is it Macarena?’ And then they started singing the Macarena music.”

Outraged over the abilities, Woods known as the sanatorium later that day to talk to a supervisor. She said she told the supervisor that since the nurses were white, she felt that their actions were borderline racist.

All the contrivance by the phone name, Woods said, “I lawful in actuality desire you to carry out them privy to that. The model it came off was once racist.”

The supervisor answered, “I’m obvious they didn’t indicate it that contrivance nonetheless I will make certain that that they are privy to emotions and stuff esteem that.”

Woods said she must know that the sanatorium workers is being held to blame for the incident nonetheless she said she hasn’t heard back.

Racial justice organization Mission Convey One thing has additionally weighed in, writing the sanatorium an open letter declaring that the workers was once unprofessional and problematic given the history of racism in healthcare settings.

They are stressful accountability and transparency from the Instruct Med leadership.

Recordsdata 19 reached out to Instruct Med nonetheless a supervisor declined to comment.

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