Opinion | Mike Hubbard wants out of prison. Don’t let him.

Opinion | Mike Hubbard wants out of prison. Don’t let him.

September 13, 2021

After serving entirely one three hundred and sixty five days of his penal complex sentence, faded Alabama Speaker of the Dwelling Mike Hubbard is asking for an early liberate.

Hubbard is a felon. He did the crime and now must affect the time — all of it.

If the court docket grants his plea to truncate his sentence, then the opposite folks of Alabama will agree with proof obvious that there would possibly perhaps be one law for the noteworthy and effectively-connected and one other for everyone else.

The court docket must announce Hubbard’s question or betray the very foundation of our criminal plot, which judges are sworn to uphold.

The dispute’s courts agree with shown Hubbard extraordinary deference affording him every measure of leniency. No longer because Hubbard wasn’t guilty, but because he became once a feared flesh presser with even extra fierce company.

Justice would possibly perhaps per chance per chance simply nonetheless never be meted out with favoritism, but it became once in Hubbard’s case.

Hubbard became once arrested and charged with 23 felonies in 2014. He continued to wield unheard of influence over the dispute until he became once convicted on 12 felonies in 2016, and even then, the court docket showed Hubbard unheard of indulgences thanks to his site.

Later the Court docket of Prison Appeals struck down one value, leaving 11 and the unique sentence.

Beneath the sentence imposed by Lee County Circuit Court docket Eliminate Jacob Walker, III, Hubbard became once get 22 situation to encourage four years in penal complex and eight years of probation. That sentence became once structured so as that it all but assured that Hubbard would affect all his time until your total verdict against him became once overturned.

In an ultimate transfer, the Alabama Supreme Court docket tossed out lots of the unique criminal counts against Hubbard, whittling it the total manner down to 6 but nonetheless left his sentence in get 22 situation.

Nevertheless, in a excellent reversal, Walker diminished Hubbard’s jail time from 48 months to 28 months.

Now, Hubbard wants one other damage.

Hubbard’s submitting states that he “poses no disaster to the public” and that his offenses had been now not “violent in nature.” The explanation Hubbard is at the encourage of bars is that he broke the law. He didn’t be pleased up a liquor store at gunpoint. He robbed the opposite folks of Alabama. He didn’t violently assault an innocent youngster. He fouled the get 22 situation of enterprise of the speaker and assaulted the institutions of govt.

Hubbard is in penal complex because he deserves punishment.

Hubbard betrayed his get 22 situation of enterprise, made a mockery of the judicial plot, and destroyed someone in his path in his rise to vitality. Now, all that's to be forgiven and forgotten?

Are the opposite folks of Alabama excellent from Hubbard’s corruption? Seemingly, but at point to, no law would prevent him from turning steady into a lobbyist and make tens of millions swaying dispute policy yet yet again.

At the time of his arrest, Hubbard’s riches had been estimated at some $7 million, yet he wished extra. Does someone sincerely mediate that this leopard has changed his spots?

Hubbard became once an ungracious, unforgiving tyrant while reasonably than enterprise. He oversaw an orgy of greed and corruption unparalleled in dispute ancient past. He maintained his innocence and defiance even after his sentence.

If Hubbard became once shown the identical mercy he showed others, he would live at the encourage of bars eternally. 

After Hubbard’s jail time became once sever in half of, even Alabama Legal expert Overall Steve Marshall became once outraged, saying: “Even as he sits in dispute penal complex as a six-time felon, Mike Hubbard continues to disclaim any guilt or offer any regret for his actions in violation of the law.”

Marshall also stated, “Reducing his unique four-three hundred and sixty five days sentence sends precisely the injurious message to would-be violators of Alabama’s ethics criminal guidelines.”

In his most up-to-date question for mercy from the court docket, Hubbard apologizes to “every person affected,” as first reported by WSFA. He also acknowledges he “damaged the public believe placed in elected officers,” to boot to saying he'll work to “rebuild believe with other folks who agree with lost faith in and your total political plot.”

Don’t imagine him. Hubbard is a liar, a cheat, and a bully who entirely regrets being caught.

If the courts yet yet again bow to Hubbard and his company, this will seemingly per chance eternally undergo the designate of illegitimacy.

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