Tourism officials focus on listening to public

FLORENCE- Florence-Lauderdale Tourism officials did a lot of talking Monday, but ultimately decided their goal moving forward should be to do a lot more listening.
The tourism board held a planning meeting, during which Mitch Hamm, director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the College of Business at the University of North Alabama, was invited to give input on helping with the communications coming from the office and board to the public.
“Ask them for ideas,” Hamm said. “Tell them, ‘Here’s the situation: we’re looking for ideas on what you want us to do.”
He said the office and board should do more than let entities know how they can help tourism. Instead, ask them for their ideas.
The group wrote out a list of entities to talk with, and Hamm said the goal is to find someone from each one whom a board member or office worker has a close enough relationship with to discuss the topic.
The tourism officials are going over the list and looking for board or office workers to match with specific members of each. They will meet in 30 days to hammer out the list.